Cross streets: RIDGE RD/SANDERS RD
Run Number: 21012153
Time of Dispatch: 01:52 ID:

Date Time Unit Status Crew Members
——– ——– —— —— ————
01/24/21 01:52:44 F#153 DSPTCH
01/24/21 02:00:15 F#153 OFFDTY
01/24/21 02:00:15 GV288 DSPTCH ASST CHIEF
01/24/21 02:00:15 GV288 ENROUT
01/24/21 02:01:55 GV280 DSPTCH RESCUE
01/24/21 02:01:55 GV280 ENROUT
01/24/21 02:03:28 GV289 DSPTCH CHIEF
01/24/21 02:03:28 GV289 ENROUT
01/24/21 02:06:04 GV280 ARRIVD
01/24/21 02:09:01 GV288 ARRIVD
01/24/21 02:09:11 GV289 ARRIVD
01/24/21 02:11:56 GMAS DSPTCH AMBULANCE
01/24/21 02:11:56 GMAS ARRIVD
01/24/21 02:51:09

For anyone that has ever thought “I couldn’t possibly go into a burning building”, Betsy Moss is here to show you that you can still make a difference!

Betsy is one of Glenville Hill’s Exterior Firefighters – and the amount of time she spends on calls, at drills and as an officer for the Company is a huge help to all of us at the Hill!

No mater what you may have heard, fire fighting is a team sport! Those 2 guys you see, rushing into the front door with a hose in their hand, could not do it without the person operating the pump on the truck, the people helping them get the line pulled to the door, the people helping feed that line to them, the people “throwing ladders” in case someone needs to bail out of the building in a hurry, the people getting the rehab area setup for when they come back out, helping them put on a second air bottle, and so on and so on and so on.

All of those people are heroes. And the ones like Betsy get to be Firefighter of the year!

Congratulations, Betsy! Keep up the great work!